The shortest "unicorn-in-the-making" story ever told, by our Founder & CEO, Elliot Smith:

It's 2019, I am living Essex, managing a team in Hertfordshire, and it's game day.

I leave my house and fill my car up down the road, and before reaching the till to pay, I pick up a drink and a protein bar which I put in my kitbag when I re-enter my car and continue travelling. 

When I get into the changing rooms, I pull out the drink and protein bar from the petrol station, I take out "sock tape" I purchased the day before from the local trade store, and the energy gels I ordered online the day before too. 


I have wasted so much time whilst paying premium prices - why?

Flashback even further to the 90's and I'm a football loving kid being watched by his biggest fan, his Grandad; who had a magical blue coat full of snacks, drinks, tape, all of it.

The world needed my Grandad, as much as I did, and that is how and why Player Packs was born.

We are born from grassroots sport, bringing cost savings and convenience in a simple solution back into the world of sport and its players.

Join the pack and the thousands of customers that are saving time, effort and money today.

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