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Years in the making, it’s a class apart from the “off-the-shelf” competition. Built to last seasons on the side-line, this bag carries everything you’ll need. It easily holds your medical kit safe and organised whilst allowing it to be accessed quickly.

Too many taping starter kits only come with one of each roll, which won’t even get you through one game! When we say fully stocked, we mean it! Our Strapping starter kit comes with 32 tapes and includes all of the following:

1 x SPORTTAPE Medical Bag
3 x Tear EAB 5cm (White)
3 x Tear EAB 7.5cm (White)
6 x Sock Wrap 5cm (1 x Green, Yellow, Black, White, Red & Blue)
12 x Sock Wrap 7.5cm (2 x Green, Yellow, Black, White, Red & Blue)
6 x Sock Tape (Black)
1 x 5cm K Tape (Black)
6 x Zinc Oxide Tape 5cm
3 x Zinc Oxide Tape 2.5cm
6 x Underwrap (Beige)
1 x Fixation Tape 5cm