The #COVID90Challenge

The Football season may be on pause, but preparation for when it returns shouldn't be.

To celebrate the launch of our P-3 Packs and Stacks, we are continuing to empower clubs and their players to boost their fitness and performance by joining our #COVID90Challenge, where you can all reward your runs to spend on our Packs and Stacks.

The challenge kicks off at 09:00am on Saturday 9th May 2020 (UK Time), and the full time whistle blows at 09:00am on Monday 11th May 2020 (UK Time).

But, you only have 90 minutes to complete the task from the point of starting!

Within those 90 minutes, you must either walk or ideally run as far as you can, and for every Kilometre you run, you reward yourself with a % of discount to spend here at 

For example: if you run 5km in 90 minutes, you will reward yourself with a 5% discount to spend. If you were to run 10km in 90 minutes, you would be rewarded with a 10% discount, and so on. 

To enter on Twitter:

1. Track your run
2. Tweet @PlayerPacksUK with a screenshot of your run
3. Follow @PlayerPacksUK on Twitter here

To enter on Instagram:

1. Track your run
2. Add the screenshot of your run to your story and tag @PlayerPacksUK
3. Follow @PlayerPacksUK on Instagram here

To enter on our Facebook Group click here:

1. Track your run
2. Post a screenshot of your run to the group

Don't forget to hashtag #COVID90CHALLENGE!


For more detailed Terms and Conditions please read below.


- The challenge starts on Tuesday 9th May 2020 at 09:00am UK Time.
- The challenge closes on June 30th 2020 at 23:59pm UK Time.
- You have 90 Minutes only to travel as far as you can within that time frame in one single workout.
- You do not have to run the full 90 minutes you can stop anytime, but once you have stopped, that's your time up
- You must walk or run only, put those car keys away!
- You must be able to prove that you did walk or run
- The competition will be available to enter via this group only
- For every 1k completed, Player Packs will reward the individual with a 1% discount to spend on either the P-3 Pack or P-3 Stack products only
- For example, if the individual was to run 10km in 90 minutes, they would earn a 10% discount to spend
- Any distance run will be rounded down where appropriate: for example, if you run 5.1km, the discount you earn will be 5%, this is to encourage all participants to push themselves to the best of their best ability
- You can only enter the challenge once so please upload your best run and no more photos as they will not be counted (thank you)
- The discount you earn will be for a one time only usage
- To prove you have gone the distance within the criteria specified above, you must be able to prove that you have done so by:
(a) using tracking GPS app/software that you can screenshot, and;
(b) taking an image of you doing the exercise at any point of the activity so we can confirm you have walked or run during the challenge, and finally;
(c) proving that you started and finished during the 90 minutes time limit
- Please note we can only ship to the UK at the current time, so whilst we appreciate overseas participants, sadly we cannot offer discount to non-UK residents at the current time.