Fed up of constantly having to re-adjust your shin pads during a game? Well, you’re in luck.

Sock wrap is used by footballers from the depths of the football pyramid all the way to the very top of the game. 

The benefits of using sock wrap is substantial. The super stretchy, self adhesive bandage is lightweight and hand tearable so it can be applied swiftly pitch side ready for your match. As mentioned the wrap is self adhesive, which means it sticks to itself and not your socks. This also means the wrap can be reapplied to provide the support that suits your needs. Once applied, the wrap will hold instantly at the tension of your choice.  

The main reason why so many footballers use this wrap is to secure their shin pads in place for the entire 90 minutes. The last thing a player needs is to feel uncomfortable during a game due to their shin pads. Once applied, you will barely notice it is there at all, allowing full concentration to be put into getting those 3 points! 

This absolutely essential match day item has many other uses. Suffering from an injury? This tape provides compression and due to its flexible nature it is completely up to yourself to decide the tension and layers you apply. The wrap will decrease any swelling and limit any bleeding.  

Additionally, this wrap is also able to provide support for joints which can decrease any pain you may experience during a game. 

To make sure you stick to FA guidelines which state “any tape or material applied externally must be the same colour as that part of the sock it covers”, we have a range of colours to choose from so you not only look the part, but you stick to the rules of the game. 

Now you’ve read about the benefits of using sock wrap, get your hands on this game changer and see the instant results for yourself here.