It’s finally match day, after preparing all week for a game the last thing you want to be doing is focusing on your socks.

A simple yet extremely effective way to combat this is to use our sock tape. Specifically designed to keep your socks and shin pads in place for the entire 90 minutes, this tape is a game changer that will allow full focus to be put into your game, rather than your socks. 

Furthermore, this tape has a far greater stretch than many other tapes that are currently available. This allows for muscle expansion which means you won’t suffer from over compression that can reduce blood flow, the last thing you would want when playing any sport.

However this tape has a strong recoil which will keep your socks and shin pads in place throughout the match. The glue used is of a premium quality which allows the tape to hold in place faster without leaving any residue on your sock. 

We all like to look the part out on the field which is why we have a range of different colours to choose from that will match your kit and keep you within the guidelines that the FA have set. It is compulsory to have matching colour tape to that of your kit, so we have made sure we have the right colour for you. 

Now you might wonder how easy the tape is to apply? Well it couldn’t be any more straightforward. All you need to do is unwind the tape from the roll and apply wherever you desire. The tape can be torn by hand meaning you will be ready to go within a matter of seconds. 

This sock tape is a must have for every football player of any level. Browse the range of colours we have available in our shop and get taped up with the number one choice of sport tape! 

Enjoying using our product? Don’t hesitate to get in touch about how you’re finding the tape. Equally, let us know if you have any queries about the tape and we will be sure to help you out.