Let's start with a better question: What are you intending on using tape for?

An injury? To keep those shin pads up? Because you want to look like Vardy?

Here's our quick Player Packs guide to help you choose the right tape:



It's match day. Keep your head in the game, not on your socks. Our game-changing premier SOCK TAPE keeps socks and shin pads firmly in place.

Our premier SOCK TAPE has quickly become the tape of choice for footballers. Every weekend it keeps socks up and heads on the game. This is no off-the-shelf PVC electrical tape. Unlike others, masquerading as “sock tape”, we have created a tape specifically for sport.

Guaranteed to last at least 90 minutes. Our SOCK TAPE stretches enough to allow for muscle expansion, yet recoils with force to hold your socks and shin pads in place. The glue is extra sticky but not gunky, so no nasty residue is left on your kit.

The FA rules state that “football tape or any material applied or worn externally must be the same colour as that part of the sock it is applied to or covers. Our SOCK TAPE comes in 9 colours to match your team kit.


SOCK WRAP (also known as Cohesive Bandage) bridges the gap between your socks and shin pads. Quick to apply, it holds firm, whatever the conditions, securing your shin pads and socks.

Many football players cut off their club socks to be able to use ‘grip socks’. SOCK WRAP is used to bridge the gap between the two. It provides comfortable compression that will easily last an entire football match.

Psst, this is what Vardy uses ;)


Acting as a thin barrier, UNDERWRAP pre-tape is wrapped around a joint or muscle, before overlaying it with strapping tape. This has the advantage of protecting the skin, allowing for easy and pain-free removal.

The greatest compliment we can pay our UNDERWRAP is that you'll barely notice it is there. Featherlight on the skin yet strong enough to be applied under tension. Perfect if you have sensitive skin, but still need to be taped. Our UNDER WRAP is non-sticky yet lightly rubberised to touch. It prevents slipping on the skin, keeping bandages, tapes and even shin pads in place.


Are you nursing an injury, suffering from a niggle or need some gentle support?

K Tape (also known as Kinesiology Tape) is a stretchy, sticky, cotton tape that’s applied to the skin to give light support and promote movement. This may help to ease pain and reduce swelling.

The real beauty of K TAPE is its ability to gently encourage your body to behave naturally. Once applied, it can last up-to 5 days to provide dynamic support and a gentle reminder.

In conclusion;

There is no 'you use this tape only' solution, and it's very much down to your preference, but here's some key things to consider:

  • Make sure whichever tape you use, that you are comfortable. There is nothing more annoying than have to remove or reapply tape when you're trying to focus on your performance. 
  • If you are wearing grip socks, it's likely your preference will tailor towards the SOCK WRAP as it will give you more 'flex' as well as covering up the bridge between your socks. Leading us onto the next point;
  • Make sure you are always compliant with FA guidelines. 
  • Finally, if you're still not sure, speak to a trusted sports therapist who can support your decision making.

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