Are you nursing an injury, suffering from a niggle or need some gentle support?

As recommended by athletes and physiotherapists all over the world, we know K TAPE can help.

Kinesiology Tape is a stretchy, sticky, cotton tape that’s applied to the skin to give light support and promote movement. This may help to ease pain and reduce swelling.

The real beauty of K TAPE is its ability to gently encourage your body to behave naturally. Once applied, it can last up-to 5 days to provide dynamic support and a gentle reminder.

Key Features of our K TAPE by SPORTTAPE:

  • DESIGNED FOR SPORT : Created by athletes for athletes and backed by a 100% Performance Guarantee.
  • EXTRA STICKY : The glue is formulated for intense activity in extreme conditions.
  • 180% STRETCH : More stretch and greater recoil than conventional K Tape.
  • DURABLE : 96% thick organic cotton and 4% nylon proves a winning combination.
  • LONG LASTING : It will last 5+ days (but the best results always happen in the first 24 hours).
  • SENSITIVE SKIN : Hypoallergenic and latex free. 

Why wear K TAPE?

  1. HELP RECOVERY : From ankle sprains to muscle strains, Kinesiology Tape can help. Get your rehab right and it can lend a helping hand. Easing pain and increasing blood flow.
  2. LIGHT SUPPORT : When you don't want to excessively restrict movement but need light support and a gentle reminder, K TAPE is a flexible and comfortable choice.
  3. FLEXIBLE PROTECTION : Kinesiology Tape can be used to provide an extra barrier of protection. It can remind your body to keep position and also act as a protective second skin when needed. 

Get yours here.