One tackle can change a game, but it can also change your life. 

For Player Packs as a truly caring business, to address the true needs of our customers and add greater value to our football community, it is vital that we cover every touch point of an athlete’s journey, and an athlete’s insurance and protection of the quality of their life is just as important to us as their energy gels and sock tape; because if their mental and physical well-being isn’t up to standard, neither is their performance.

We also know that to really change the game, we needed not just your standard insurance, we needed insurance that really makes a difference, and that’s why we chose the Portás Group, who specialises in bespoke ‘Football Specific’ insurance packages for semi-professional and grassroots footballers.

Portás Group's ‘player-centered’ approach ensures player welfare is top priority, and provides affordable, comprehensive and understandable packages to clients, delivered with a simplicity that allows players to develop, excel and progress to their full potential with the peace of mind that their financial future is secured in the event of an injury while playing.

Our Player Packs CEO, Elliot Smith, has this great feedback on the partnership:

Partnering with the Portás Group is one of the most interesting, refreshing and innovative partnerships I have had the pleasure of doing business with. It was also an incredibly easy ‘yes from me’ to team up.

I love how both our families share the same understanding on the pain points, literally, of what athletes face today.

In an already challenging world, life can get a whole lot more challenging when you face an injury – I know, I tore my knee ligament which set my ambitions back in what is already a short career.

Portás Group are moving forward to revolutionise the insurance market for footballers with an individual emphasis on client wellbeing, safeguarding financial futures and client rewards.

Portás Group clients can also receive exclusive access to a premium range of significant benefits, incentives and discounts on sought after brands and services, tailored to the individual.

Take a look below at the PG insurance packages:

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Blog post image credit: National World