The modern day footballer is viewed by many as just that, a footballer and nothing more. Most seem to forget that these athletes have lives outside of the game. Publishing a best selling series of books, learning the piano and being a master mathematician are just some of the many talents that we can’t see on the field. So let’s take a look at some here. 

Perfecting the art of taekwondo is no easy feat, yet one of the greatest strikers of the twenty-first century, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, has done exactly that. Receiving his first black belt at 17, a life as a professional footballer was certainly not the only road for the Swede to go down. However, with over 570 goals scored and counting, we think he made the right choice.

Another footballer who could have had a different sporting career is Ivan Peresic. The Inter Milan midfielder has represented his country over 100 times however, you may be unaware that he took part in a beach volleyball tournament for Croatia back in 2017. 

Next time you venture into a bookshop keep your eyes open for a collection of books written by none other than Theo Walcott. At 21 Walcott became a published author and now has a bestselling series of children's books. 

It would surprise you by the amount of musical talent that lies in the world of football. With Juan Mata being a pianist and Petr Cech proving to be just as talented on the drums as he was in between the sticks. 

Former England left back Leighton Baines often took his acoustic guitar to training with both Everton and England. Baines even managed to strike up a friendship with Miles Kane and Alex Turner who form the supergroup The Last Shadow Puppets. 

Would you have fancied having Manuel Akanji as your maths teacher back in school? Well let's just say he would have had no problem teaching mental arithmetic. The Switzerland international is known to be quicker than a calculator and even appeared on a Swiss television programme to show off his ability with numbers. 

When sitting your GCSE Maths paper just think, you would have been better off taking in Dortmund's centre half rather than a calculator. 

A quick search on the internet and you will sure find many more footballers with impressive pastimes.

Additionally, it’s crucial for people to be aware of these talents as there is a harmful stereotype attached to footballers that without the sport they would almost have no purpose. Questions are constantly thrown at footballers such as “What will they do after retirement?”. Well, those on this list will have absolutely no problem when the time comes to hang up their boots that's for sure.

If you feel we have missed a gift that one of your favourite players possess be sure to get in touch with us about making a part two to this blog. Thanks for reading!


Blog image credit from Petr's YouTube channel.