We’ve all turned up to a match before, whether that be Sunday league or just 6-a-side with your mates and felt completely drained before even kicking a ball. Frustrating isn’t it?

A simple yet effective way around this is to use energy gels. Only taking 15 minutes to have the desired effect, these gels provide an extra boost of energy to help you get through a game. As a result your performance will stay at a higher level instead of dropping as the match goes on. This will give you an edge over your opponents that will propel you to victory. 

They work simply by enabling carbs to enter the bloodstream more quickly and be delivered to the working muscles. This maintains your energy supply so you can keep running for the entire 90 minutes and more!

Another major plus point of the gels is that they are very practical. They can be slipped into one's pocket and used whenever needed. This is certainly easier than carrying a banana around with you! In addition, they are very easy to digest and do not need to be taken with water to have an effect. 

You may well have seen professional athletes use gels, even the very best need that extra kick of energy from time to time. Next time you’re watching a football match keep an eye out for players taking a gel either pre game or during a break in play. 

The best way to find out more about energy gels is to try them out for yourself. Be sure to head over to our shop to find our energy gel bundle that is currently available. This bundle includes 10 gels for £5.99! Coming in a range of flavours such as lemon & lime, apple and pink grapefruit, there is something for everyone’s taste. 


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